One of the worst things to hear as a parent is your children doubting themselves or speaking negative thoughts. At the age of four years old, my medium child, Jessie J, said words that broke me heart. She said, “Mommy, Sissy looks better than me because her skin is lighter than mine”. I couldn’t believe what I heard and I was shocked and saddened at the same time. I told her just because you guys are different, doesn’t mean one is better than the other and you need to make a promise to love yourself and embrace who you are because you are beautiful and God created you in his own image. I began to think about how can I help my daughter with her self-esteem and her self image. So, here are 5 activities I began to do with her.

  1. Write positive letters & notes daily to affirm your child - Handwritten letters are always so special, especially when you write one for your child. Even though life gets busy, take about 5 minutes to write down something you admire about your child. For instance, Hello Jessica, You are So Pretty. I love you so much. Something so small, will go along way and brighten up their day.
  2. Practice Daily Affirmations with your child - Affirmations are positive words or phrases. Whether you are on your way to drop off or pick up your child from school make sure you say affirmations in the car with them. Some affirmations you can start off with are the following: I am smart, I am going to have a great day today, I love myself, I am awesome etc.
  3. Create fun activities such as a “Self-Esteem Hands” activity. In this activity, your child can trace both of their hands on a sheet of paper and write down positive words that describe them. Make sure you have words available for them to write such as brave, honest, wise, lovable, considerate etc.
  4. Create songs with your child - Music is a great way to express how you feel and just have fun. While we are at home or out and about I take time to create songs about my daughters and about how awesome they are. They love to engage and chime in while creating their own funky beat.
  5. Create a list with your child detailing items they are really good at and have your child practice the things they do well - If your child realizes all of the great things they are good at, it can give them courage to try new things. You can start by having your child write I am good at _____________. I like to dance because it makes me feel_______________. 

I truly hope some of these tips can be beneficial to you and your family. Just take one day at a time and express your love for your child and continue to encourage and affirm who they are. Always remember to make a promise to love your child!